Removing Minecraft Dungeons can erase all the contents of a disc.

Minecraft Dungeons has already made its Xbox Game Pass debut on four platforms. Players are beginning to wander the game world looking for valuable items, but before you remove the game from your PC, read this note.

Removing one of the PC versions of Minecraft Dungeons may result in the loss of all the files available on the drive on which it is installed. We are talking about the Launcher version, so if you downloaded the game from the Microsoft store, you could not encounter this error.

The developers reacted quickly, tracked down the problem and released an update. But just in case you are playing on PC, check the options and make sure your version of Minecraft Dungeons is set to “166” or higher. Otherwise, it’s better to download the latest update before deleting files from your drive.

Minecraft Dungeons are available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Mojang